Train AI. Get Paid.

FeedTheBot provides labeling services for machine learning solutions providers. We arrange for high-quality labeling and annotation at a massive scale using the reach of the App Store and the passive processing power of mobile gamers, worldwide. Feed the Bot. Make money.


Train more. Earn more.

FeedTheBot provides quality dataset labeling. The more users train, the more they earn. The more complex the task, the more they earn. We provide machine learning solutions providers with accelerated access to the highest quality professional labelers.


Simple, Flat Fee

Fast, flexible data labeling service with simple API and customizable work flow.


Mobile-first Data Labeling

Crowdsourcing workers, but add a game mechanic to award points to more skillful labelers.


CoreML Options

Native iOS inclueds the ability to perform "shadow" inline tests of custom CoreML models at scale.